Campus News

Promotions approved for 204 UGA faculty members

The University of Georgia has approved the promotion of 204 faculty members. Those receiving a promotion are:

Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership

To Librarian IV: Vincent Sperr.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

To Professor: Koushik Adhikari, food science and technology; Kylee Jo Duberstein, animal and dairy science; Anish Malladi, horticulture; Walter Scott Monfort, crop and soil sciences;

Ramesh Selvaraj, poultry science; Ashfaq Ahmad Sial, entomology; John L. Snider, crop and soil sciences.

To Associate Professor: Andrew Parks Benson, poultry science; Laura Ellestad, poultry science; Kevan Lamm, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Yangxuan Liu, agricultural and applied economics; Kevin E. Mis Solval, food science and technology; Cristiane Pilon, crop and soil sciences.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Timothy Daly, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Alton Parker, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Justin Shealey, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Associate: Bradley Averill, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Joel Burnsed, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Timothy Davis, Southeast District Cooperative Extension;

Christina Garner, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Carole Knight, State 4-H; Katrina Laurel-Searcy, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Cindy Meadows, Southwest District Cooperative Extension; Dinah Rowe, Northwest District Cooperative Extension; Aubrey Shirley, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Laura Smith, Southeast District Cooperative Extension; Robyn Stewart, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Brooklyne Wassel, Northwest District Cooperative Extension;

Jacob Williams, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Tripp Williams, Northeast District Cooperative Extension; Martin Wunderly, Northeast District Cooperative Extension.

To Public Service Assistant: Margaret Halbrook, Southwest District Cooperative Extension.

College of Engineering

To Professor: Mable Fok, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Clifton Brock Woodson, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering.

To Associate Professor: Elizabeth Brisbois, School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering; Cheryl Gomillion, School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering.

To Principal Lecturer: Hillary Smith Tanner, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering; Michael F. Yoder, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering.

To Senior Lecturer: Adel Al Weshah, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Eliza A. Banu, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering; Mark Trudgen, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; Adam David Wineland, School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering.

College of Environment and Design

To Professor: Jon Calabria and Brad Davis.

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

To Associate Professor: Emily Noble, nutritional sciences, and Dee Warmath, financial planning, housing and consumer economics.

To Clinical Professor: Carol B. Laws, Institute on Human Development and Disability.

To Principal Lecturer: Melissa Scott Kozak, human development and family sciences, and Melissa Landers-Potts, human development and family sciences.

College of Pharmacy

To Clinical Associate Professor: Sharmon Osae, clinical and administrative pharmacy.

To Senior Public Service Associate: Linda Logan.

College of Public Health

To Associate Professor: Juliet Nabbuye Sekandi, epidemiology and biostatistics.

College of Veterinary Medicine

To Professor: Justin Bahl, infectious diseases; Rabindranath De La Fuente, physiology and pharmacology; Nicole Lynn Gottdenker, pathology; Kelsey A. Hart, large animal medicine; Balazs Rada, infectious diseases; James Stanton, pathology.

To Associate Professor: Daniela de Souza Rajao, population health; Kristina Meichner, pathology; Nusrat Shariat, population health.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Michaela Austel, small animal medicine and surgery, and Sara Elizabeth Gonzalez, small animal medicine and surgery.

To Principal Lecturer: Carla Jarrett, biomedical sciences.

To Senior Academic Professional: Sherry Ann Clouser, Office of Academic Affairs.

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

To Professor: Adam Barb, biochemistry; Maria B. Cassera, biochemistry; Lewis C. Howe, linguistics;

Patricia M. Medeiros, marine sciences; Amy Elizabeth Medlock, biochemistry; Reid G. Messich, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Akinloye A. Ojo, comparative literature; Julie Allardice Ray, theatre and film studies; Jennifer L. Rice, geography; Piers Stephens, philosophy; Jon M. Swindler, Lamar Dodd School of Art; Michelle R. vanDellen, psychology.

To Associate Professor: Akram Alishahi, mathematics; Holly M. Bik, marine sciences; Daniel Bolshoy, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Ronald Drew Etheridge, cellular biology; Daichi Kamiyama, cellular biology; Yuan Ke, statistics; Gabriel J. Kooperman, geography; Jaewoo Lee, computer sciences; Éric Morales-Franceschini, English; Lin Mu, mathematics; Rumya Putcha, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Matthew Tyler Shipes, Hugh Hodgson School of Music; Qian Xiao, statistics.

To Principal Lecturer: Trina D. Butts, psychology; Brian Allen Drake, history; Lingyun Ma, mathematics; Montgomery Wolf, history; Kacy Jo Morris, psychology; Kristi Schaller, communication studies; Melanie Catherine Simpson, Romance languages; Mark R. Werner, statistics.

To Senior Lecturer: Mudiyanselage Dassanayake, statistics; Jonathan A. Dees, plant biology; Jimmy Joseph Dillies, mathematics; Wenjian Du, chemistry; Allison M. Howard, psychology; Enkeleida Lakuriqi, mathematics; Sachin Meena, computer sciences; Lee Roberson Nichols, cellular biology; Carolyn Pucko, plant biology; Anna S. Rogers, sociology.

To Senior Academic Professional: Paul D. Griffith, Hugh Hodgson School of Music.

To Senior Research Scientist: Suresh Ambati, genetics, and Zhongmin Jin, biochemistry.

To Associate Research Scientist: Michael Thorgersen, biochemistry.

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication

To Professor: Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, advertising and public relations, and Juan Meng, advertising and public relations.

To Associate Professor: Kate Fortmueller, entertainment and media studies; Booker Mattison, entertainment and media studies; Glenna Lee Read-Bullock, advertising and public relations.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Sanghoon Lee, entertainment and media studies.

To Principal Lecturer: James J. Biddle, entertainment and media studies; Jennifer P. Griffith, advertising and public relations; Mark E. Johnson, journalism; Kristen Margaret Smith, advertising and public relations.

To Senior Academic Professional: Amanda Bright, journalism; Carlo Finlay, journalism.

Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education

To Professor: Timothy R. Cain and Gregory C. Wolniak.

Mary Frances Early College of Education

To Professor: Aliki Irini Nicolaides, lifelong education, administration and policy, and Ajay Sharma, educational theory and practice.

To Associate Professor: Ginny Jones Boss, counseling and human development services; Katie K. Koo, counseling and human development services; Xiaoming Zhai, mathematics and science education.

To Clinical Professor: Sandie M. Bass-Ringdahl, communication sciences and special education; Sonia Janis, mathematics and science education; Sara B. Kajder, language and literacy education; Petros Panaou, language and literacy education; Kimberly A. Viel-Ruma, communication sciences and special education.

To Clinical Associate Professor: Sarah Gillam, counseling and human development services, and Alison Morrison, communication sciences and special education.

To Principal Lecturer: Ilse Sannen Mason, kinesiology.

To Senior Lecturer: Amanda E. Ferster, educational psychology, and Brian W. Leffler, communication sciences and special education.

Odum School of Ecology

To Professor: Ricardo Holdo.

To Senior Lecturer: Scott James Connelly.

School of Law

To Professor: Nathan Seth Chapman.

To Librarian III: Rachel Sherie Evans, King Law Library.

School of Public and International Affairs

To Professor: Justin Conrad, international affairs, and Rebecca A. Nesbit, public administration and policy.

To Associate Professor: Alexa Bankert, political science.

To Senior Lecturer: Brittany Houtz Bramlett, political science, and Leah Anne Carmichael, international affairs.

School of Social Work

To Professor: Rachel Annette Fusco, Orion Mowbray and Michael A. Robinson.

Terry College of Business

To Professor: Jie He, finance; Joshua Lewis Kinsler, economics; James A. Reed, Legal Studies Program; Ian Schmutte, economics.

To Associate Professor: Brantly Mercer Callaway, economics; Gregory Day, Legal Studies Program; John Eric Hund, finance; David McCarthy, Risk Management and Insurance Program; Marc Andrew Ragin, Risk Management and Insurance Program; William Michael Schuster, Legal Studies Program; Ruchi Singh, Real Estate Program; Rosanna Smith, marketing; Kristen Valentine, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Pengyuan Wang, marketing; Malcolm Wardlaw, finance; Xia Zhao, management information systems.

To Principal Lecturer: Jennifer L. Chapman, J.M. Tull School of Accounting; Richard A. Gooner, marketing; Kimberly D. Grantham, marketing; Mark W. Huber, management information systems; Craig Allan Piercy, management information systems; John C. Wurst, marketing.

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

To Professor: Richard Chandler, James Alan Martin and Cristian Montes.

To Associate Professor: Jesse B. Abrams.

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

To Librarian IV: Sean Francis Boyle, University Libraries; Chandler W. Christoffel, University Libraries; Meagan J. Duever, University Libraries; Callie E. Holmes, University Libraries; Robert A. Lay, University Libraries; Timothy J. Smolko, University Libraries.

To Librarian III: Keith E. Knop, University Libraries, and Jasmine O. Rizer, University Libraries.

To Librarian II: Mollie L. Armour, University Libraries, and Kaylynn Lee Washnock Stooksbury, University Libraries.

To Senior Academic Professional: Shawnya Harris, Georgia Museum of Art; Jeffrey Richmond-Moll, Georgia Museum of Art; Callan Steinmann, Georgia Museum of Art.

Vice President for Instruction

To Senior Lecturer: Garrison Bickerstaff, Division of Academic Enhancement.

Vice President for Public Service and Outreach

To Senior Public Service Associate: Shana Jones, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, and David Tanner, Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

To Public Service Associate: Sarah Adams, Archway Partnership; Brittany Adams-Pope, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development; Julie Meehan, J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development.

To Associate Research Scientist: Kimberly Andrews, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant.

Vice President for Research

To Associate Research Scientist: Sarah Jantzi, Center for Applied Isotope Studies; Steven Maher, Center for Tropical & Emerging Global Diseases; Mei Ling Ong, Center for Family Research; Peng Zhao, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center.