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Protect your password with updates, URL checks

All UGA faculty, staff and students have an account for UGAMail, the university-provided email service. Using a MyID, you can access UGAMail and other online services. Because of this, it’s essential that you keep your MyID password safe and confidential. Your MyID password is your access to many UGA online services, so keep your password secure and update it often.

When creating your password, keep in mind the following:
• UGA will never send you an email asking for your password. When in doubt about an email you’ve received, contact the EITS Help Desk.
• Never share your MyID password with anyone, including friends, family and colleagues.
• Never reuse your MyID password on other personal and professional websites. This will protect your MyID and your UGA access in the event that any of the other websites are compromised.
• Before typing your password on a website, check the URL. If it is the UGA Central Authentication Service page, do you see a green bar with a lock icon in the Web browser? If not, don’t type your MyID password.
• When you’re finished visiting a website that requires your MyID password, be sure to log out, especially on a public computer.

All MyID passwords expire every six months. You will receive an email reminder prior to your password’s expiration advising you to change your MyID password.

For more information about password security, visit