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Provost appoints 17 to search committee for next FACS dean

Provost Jere Morehead has named a 17-member committee to conduct a national search for the next dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Arthur Horne, dean of the College of Education, will chair the committee looking for a successor to Laura Jolly, who became vice president for instruction in September. Anne Sweaney, a department head and longtime faculty member in FACS, is serving as interim dean. She is not a candidate to serve as permanent dean and plans to return to her role as department head when the search is completed.

Faculty and staff on the committee are Rebecca Mullis and Richard Lewis, foods and nutrition; Joan Koonce and Swarn Chatterjee, housing and consumer economics; David Wright and Jay Mancini, child and family development; Ian Hardin and Patricia Hunt-Hurst, textiles, merchandising and interiors; Gene Brody, director of the Center for Family Research; Elizabeth Andress, FACS Extension; Connie Rash, student services; and Ginny Lyman, financial services. Alumni on the committee include Jill Bateman, UGA Development Office, and Kristi Greer, Oconee State Bank. Students are Melissa Cardoso, an undergraduate in child and family development, and Megan Allen, a graduate student in foods and nutrition.