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Psychology professor details ways to spot a narcissist

Keith Campbell, professor of psychology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, spoke with CNN about narcissists and the different ways to identify one. According to Campbell, there is a narcissistic personality disorder at 1% or 2% of the population.

“Clinically, if it destroys your marriage, it ruins your business relationships, your overconfidence at work has you kind of falling apart … then it becomes a disorder,” Campbell said, describing someone who has this disorder.

You can spot a narcissist by evaluating your relationship with them. Narcissists are less likely to have close relationships.

“Narcissism, in general, means having an inflated view of oneself and a lack of closer, emotionally warm relationships with other people,” Campbell said.

A narcissist’s relationship may be full of exploitation, entitlement and empathy impairments.

Other ways to spot a narcissist include identifying what type of narcissist you may be dealing with, analyzing the way you feel around them and examining the balance in your relationship.