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Receiving W-2 forms electronically

Tax time will be here soon. For those who haven’t signed up for an electronic copy of their W-2 form, now is the perfect time. The benefits of receiving W-2 forms electronically include being:

  • Safer. Reduces the risk of identity theft, as W-2 forms include your social security number (SSN) and other information.
  • Faster. Electronic W-2 forms are available before mailed forms.
  • Greener. Saves paper, an envelope and fuel by receiving W-2 forms online.
  • Cost-conscious. Saves state and institutional funds on printing and postage.

To receive the form electronically, log into OneUSG Connect. Under Employee Self Service, click on the Taxes tile and the W-2/W-2c Consent button. A guide with screenshots is also available hereFor those who have already provided electronic consent, no action is needed. Electronic W-2 consent remains active from year to year unless employees take action to withdraw.

If you have questions about your W-2, please contact