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2014 Faculty/Staff donor reception-h
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Reception held to honor, thank faculty, staff, retiree donors

On Sept. 4, UGA recognized faculty, staff and retiree donors who gave in fiscal year 2014 with a dessert reception in Grand Hall of the Tate Student Center. A total of 1,871 faculty, staff and retirees donated $2.8 million to help UGA achieve a record-breaking fundraising year.

UGA President Jere W. Morehead and Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Kelly Kerner thanked the more than 200 faculty, staff and retirees in attendance for their generosity.

“As a longtime university administrator and faculty member, I simply want to say thank you,” Morehead said. “All of us are fortunate to be part of the UGA family, and on behalf of the University of Georgia, I thank all of you for your support.”

Kerner also expressed his appreciation.

“In the very short time that I have been here, it has become clear to me that the UGA team is all about you,” Kerner said. “You’ve demonstrated your commitment by contributing more than just your wisdom, your time and your passion-you’ve contributed your personal resources. And on behalf of a grateful university, please allow me to say thank you for all that you do.”

Several scholarship recipients as well as students from the Arch Society and Student Alumni Council were in attendance to thank donors who have impacted their university experience.

“These students are among the best and brightest in America, and they are fine examples of the outstanding students that all of us cherish having at the University of Georgia. And they are here, in part, because of your generous support,” Morehead said.

The Office of Donor Relations and Stewardship, a unit of the Office of Development, hosted the reception as part of the ThankU initiative, which seeks to promote an “attitude of gratitude at UGA.”

“The goal of the dessert reception is to help faculty, staff and retirees who made a gift of any size during FY14 feel appreciated,” said Tony Stringer, director of donor relations and stewardship. “It takes every member of the UGA family to help ensure and sustain the student experience today and into the future.”

Each guest was given a nametag with an option to write out a reason why they give to UGA. The reception included a dessert bar, a slideshow with quotes from student scholarship recipients and a photo booth for donors who wanted to have their photo taken with UGA mascot Hairy Dawg.

“Faculty and staff donors send a strong message to our alumni and friends, on whose philanthropic support we depend, that we believe in UGA enough to give our own valuable resources,” Stringer said. “Our example is a very powerful argument for them to give as well.”