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Religion department to present seminar on ‘Universal Compassion’

As part of its Religion and the Common Good seminar series, the religion department in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences will present a research seminar Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. in Room 248 of the Miller Learning Center. Supported by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, the seminar will feature the talk “Universal Compassion: Modern Buddhists and Altruism” by American Buddhist monk Gen Mondrub. It is open free to the public.

Mondrub will discuss connections between the search for inner peace and the creation of more peaceful relations between human beings in the context of modern Buddhism.

Mondrub serves as resident teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Georgia, a meditation and study organization in Atlanta dedicated to the achievement of world peace through such practices. For Kadampa Buddhists, meditative practices help people to attain what they see as the heart of the Buddha’s teaching: universal love and compassion.

The Religion and the Common Good Seminar is an interdisciplinary initiative that builds on existing networks between faculty, students, community members and other professionals with research, teaching and service interests in religion’s contribution to the common good.