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Resource Center exhibit focuses on the contributions of black LGBT individuals

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center is sponsoring a Black History Month exhibit highlighting the contributions of individuals who identify as members of both the black and LGBT communities. The display is located on the Tate Student Center Art Wall, which is in the concourse between the original building and its expansion, and will be on display through Feb. 29.

The 29 public figures included in the display are being honored for their personal achievements despite great opposition based on their racial and sexual identities. They were chosen to inspire the university community and to help challenge negative stereotypes and the notion that the two identities do not and/or cannot coexist within one person.

“By pairing Black History Month with LGBT awareness, we hope that visitors will understand the unique challenges and adversities these people faced as members of two marginalized groups,” said Jennifer Miracle, associate director of intercultural affairs for the LGBT Resource Center. “The display serves as a reminder of those who have come before us while also acknowledging that there is still much work to be done.”

The LGBT Resource Center is a program of the department of intercultural affairs within the division of student affairs. For more information, call 706/542-4077 or see