Campus News

Retirees August 2010

Twenty-seven UGA employees retired Aug. 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Joseph J. Blase, professor, workforce education, leadership and social foundations, 26 years/10 months; Robert P. Bostrom, professor, management information systems, 22 years/1 month; Ltanya Brown, clinic assistant, University Health Center, 21 years/10 months; Calvin M. Burgoyne, lecturer, mathematics, 12 years/10 months; Robert L. Burton, senior communications officer, police services, 26 years/8 months; Marie Elaine Cress, professor, kinesiology, 12 years/4 months; Annie L. Daniel, building services worker II, South Campus building services, 11 years/10 months; Rosemarie E. Ferguson, administrative specialist I, College of Arts and Sciences-dean’s office, 9 years/8 months; Richard J. Fox, associate professor, marketing and distribution, 27 years/2 months; Betty J. Hill, business manager I, Germanic and Slavic languages, 27 years; Lucile Hull, building services worker I, Georgia Center: auxiliary operations-hotel, 17 years; Linda M. Jackson, building services supervisor, North Campus building services, 14 years/10 months; Steven H. Kaye, clinical psychologist, University Health Center, 18 years/11 months; Beverly O. Mayfield, accounting technician, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 20 years/4 months; James L. McCay, food services director, Georgia Center: auxiliary operations-food services, 27 years/ 6 months; Ruby E. Mobley, building services worker II, South Campus building services, 14 years/6 months; Jessie J. O’Kelley, building services worker II, South Campus building services, 11 years; James V. Olbrych, mechanical superintendent, steam shop, 24 years/ 6 months; Sonya M. Pileggi, radiology manager, University Health Center, 25 years/8 months; J. David Puett, professor, biochemistry and molecular biology, 17 years/6 months; Judith Bolyard Purdy, acquisitions editor, University Press, 19 years/8 months; Omer L. Reed Jr., professor, Terry College of Business-dean’s office, 37 years/11 months; Barbara A. Selcer, professor, anatomy and radiology, 25 years/4 months; Rebecca R. Sharitz, professor, Savannah River Ecology Lab, 38 years/7 months; Marlee McKinney Stewart, academic advisor III, kinesiology, 28 years/10 months; John A. Vance, professor, English, 30 years/11 months; and Kam Ming Wong, associate professor, comparative literature, 21 years/ 10 months.