Campus News

Retirees July 2010

Thirty-five UGA employees retired July 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and length of employment are:
Wyatt Anderson, professor, genetics, 37 years/10 months; Roseanne Ashley, administrative associate I, Marine Extension Service, 11 years/ 2 months; Susan R. Boatright, research coordinator I, Center for Agribusinss and Economic Development-Cooperative Extension, 21 years/3 months; Thomas W. Bowden, assistant director, Small Business Development Center, 14 years/7 months; Linda Jean Cart, administrative associate II, University Health Center, 22 years/1 month; Walter Carter Jr., utility worker II, Athletic Association, 28 years/3 months; Pijung Tina Chang, parking services monitor, Tate Center Parking Deck, 12 years/ 2 months; Laura H. Ciucevich, program coordinator I, School of Social Work, 25 years/5 months; Momir Cvorovic, skilled trades worker, carpenter shop, 12 years/8 months; Roger G. Dean, associate professor, animal and dairy science, 23 years/9 months; Robert D. Hamilton, director, Office of Global Programs-Cooperative Extension, 26 years/1 month; Kathleen M. Hannafin, assistant research scientist, College of Education Centers, 14 years/10 months; William M. Hodge, senior public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Northwest district, 24 years/5 months; Keith J. Karnok, professor, crop and soil sciences, 27 years/6 months; John P. Kasay, administrative specialist-managerial, Athletic Association, 34 years; Margaret Elliott Kelley, business manager II, biological sciences, 29 years/10 months; Lucy E. Knight, administrative specialist I, food science and technology, 43 years/1 month; Linda F. Lauderdale, speech language pathologist, communication sciences and special education, 25 years/10 months; Zinetta Pirtle McDonald, business manager I, religion, 25 years; Louise F. McElroy, academic advisor I, College of Journalism and Mass Communication, 17 years/1 month; Sandra F. McKinney, senior public service associate, Cooperative Extension-Southwest district, 22 years/3 months; Martin L. Mickelsen, development analyst II, Office of Development, 9 years/8 months; Evelyn Sconyers Patrick, county extension program assistant, Cooperative Extension-Southeast district, 13 years/11 months; Elizabeth Ann Puckett, library director, School of Law, 15 years/11 months; Joan G. Rhoden, administrative associate II, Honors Program, 15 years/10 months; David Bruce Robinson, academic professional, economics, 20 years/11 months; Barbara L. Ross, business manager I, sociology, 32 years/8 months; Lucy M. Rowland, librarian IV, libraries-general operations, 29 years/11 months; Erwin Bruce Shiver, facilities manager II, field research services-Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 32 years/9 months; Rosalind G. Simpson, administrative associate I, Athletic Association, 10 years/10 months; Eloise L. Styer, public service associate, Tifton Diagnostic Lab, 29 years/9 months; Ann Toth, laboratory technician II, Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 20 years/8 months; Carol C. Walker, business manager I, field research services-Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 37 years/5 months; Elaine Lunsford Weeks, academic professional, College of Arts and Sciences-Special Programs, 20 years/9 months; and Christine J. West, administrative associate I, Athletic Association, 18 years/6 months.