Campus News

Revised parking policy

At its March 23 meeting, the University Cabinet approved a new set of rules for UGA football fans. Starting this fall, sidewalk parking will be prohibited except for designated areas (the south side of Carlton Street from Sanford Drive to East Campus Road); parking on grass and other vegetative areas will be prohibited; the Intramural Fields will be opened for game-day parking; tailgating setups in parking spaces will be prohibited; no tailgating before 7 a.m. on Saturday will be allowed; and unauthorized use of UGA power and cable hookups will be prohibited. Alcohol-free ‘family-friendly zones’-one each on North Campus and South Campus-and more portable toilet facilities and trash receptacles will be provided. Locations for corporate and club tailgating activities will be assigned by the Athletic Association.

The revisions do not affect the current ­policy for recreational vehicles, which are allowed to park in peripheral campus areas ­starting at 6 p.m. on Friday.