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Roles for Faculty Affairs, Provost’s offices to expand

Provost Pamela Whitten has announced a reorganization that will shift responsibilities held by the Office of Academic Planning into the Provost’s Office and into an expanded Office of Faculty Affairs.

Effective Jan. 2, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Russell Mumper will coordinate the university’s accreditation process and the implementation of its strategic plan. The Office of Faculty Affairs will oversee program review and assessment as well as the UGA Elements professional profile system. Jerry Legge, associate provost for academic planning since 2012, recently announced that he will retire in December after 35 years at UGA. The position of associate provost for academic planning will be eliminated, and the position of associate vice president for faculty affairs will be elevated to the associate provost level. As associate provost for faculty affairs, Sarah Covert will be a member of University Cabinet.

“Eliminating an administrative position enables the university to invest more resources into our core missions of instruction, research and service,” Whitten said. “It also broadens the scope of the Office of Faculty Affairs to enhance efficiency and streamline services to faculty.”