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Runge to lead Office of Research Security & Export Control

Dan Runge (UGA file photo)

Dan Runge has been named director of the newly re-created Office of Research Security & Export Control in the Office of Research. Runge has worked in research compliance at UGA since 2014, previously serving as the export compliance officer.

In his new position, Runge will work to ensure that federally funded research activity at UGA meets evolving federal mandates for the creation of a “research security program.” Additionally, he will help develop the safeguarding requirements for controlled unclassified and classified information.

The research security program is required by federal funding agencies for universities that receive more than $50 million in federally funded research per year by National Security Presidential Memorandum-33. NSPM-33’s requirements will apply to all federally funded research that UGA performs.

“While the safeguarding requirements for controlled unclassified and classified information apply to a narrower research portfolio, it is expanding. This new position will work with stakeholders across campus on cybersecurity, foreign travel security and research security training,” said Runge, who started in his new appointment on May 23.

Runge will continue to provide guidance and training for compliance with federal export control and economic sanctions regulations. These regulations govern the transfer of controlled items abroad, or the access to controlled information by foreign nationals in the United States. These federal regulations exist to protect U.S. national security and foreign policy interests.

Export controls are usually implicated when the research, or research tool or equipment, has military or certain dual military and commercial application. Certain university activity may also be restricted by U.S. economic sanctions.

“Any item, whether it’s a commodity, software, technology, equipment or information that is sent, or hand-carried, from the U.S. to a foreign destination, or accessed by a foreign national within the U.S., can fall under export control rules,” said Runge.

Previously, Runge held positions at Texas Tech University and as a prosecutor in Kansas. He earned an LL.M. at the University of San Diego, his J.D. at the University of Kansas and a B.S. at Kansas State University.

The newly created office directed by Runge will implement compliance procedures and policies so that UGA appropriately follows these federal research security and export control regulations.

“It’s important that we have this position because it allows us to coordinate across the university. In a lot of cases, the systems to meet these new requirements already exist, but before Dan’s promotion, we didn’t have the ability to coordinate and standardize these practices,” said Martin Bink, director of defense and security collaborations, who serves as UGA’s designated facility security officer. “With Dan’s background in law and export controls, he is particularly qualified to head this up, and we’re excited to have him in this position.”