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Salamanders featured in final volume of guide to Southeastern reptiles, amphibians

Salamanders of the Southeast
By Joe Mitchell and Whit Gibbons
UGA Press

Salamanders of the Southeast completes the five-book series of guides to reptiles and amphibians of the Southeast. It was written by Joe Mitchell, a certified senior ecologist with the Ecological Society of America and the owner of Mitchell Ecological Research Services, along with Whit Gibbons, a professor of ecology emeritus at UGA.

The guide describes 102 species of salamanders found in the southeastern U.S. in a comprehensive and authoritative, yet accessible and fun-to-read book.

The authors describe the distinguishing characteristics of salamanders, including how they are different from other amphibians and from reptiles, especially lizards.

The book has more than 400 color photographs, 77 distribution maps, clear descriptions and photographs of each species as well as sections on biology, worldwide diversity, identification, taxonomy, habitats and conservation. Salamanders of the Southeast will appeal to people of all ages and levels of knowledge interested in natural history and conservation.