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Scholarship recipients

The Edward T. and Sarah Laurent Kassinger Scholarship board awarded 2013 Kassinger Scholarships to John Newton, left, and Sgt. Lance Tipton. The scholarships are given to graduates who recently finished academic degrees while employed full time as a UGA police officer, as a working student in the criminal justice studies program at UGA or as an employee in the UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness. Tipton, who works in the UGA Police Department, received the undergraduate scholarship. Newton, an emergency operations manager with the Office of Emergency Preparedness, was awarded the graduate scholarship. Tipton has been employed by the UGA Police Department since 1999. In December 2012, Tipton received a bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State University. Newton has worked for the Office of Emergency Preparedness since July 2007. In August 2012, Newton received his doctoral degree in political science from UGA. The Kassinger Scholarship is named for Edward Kassinger, who was director of the UGA Public Safety Division from 1969-1983, and his late wife, Sarah.