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SCOTUSblog Supreme Court podcasts from UGA event go online; C-SPAN to broadcast

Jeffrey P. Jones

Athens, Ga. – Podcasts of “SCOTUSblog: Supreme Court Coverage and Cases,” hosted Sept. 9 by the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Peabody Awards and the UGA School of Law, are now available for viewing online.

The series of panels focusing on SCOTUSblog, the first blog to win a Peabody Award, include discussions of the Supreme Court’s upcoming term under Chief Justice John Roberts, the rise of a Peabody-winning digital medium and the role of digital media in Supreme Court coverage.

Broadcast of the day-long program by C-SPAN is anticipated sometime in October. The new Supreme Court term beings Oct. 7.

Podcasts of the panels can also be viewed at SCOTUSblog,

Panelists included Tom Goldstein, publisher of SCOTUSblog and veteran Supreme Court litigator; Amy Howe, attorney and SCOTUSblog editor; Pete Williams, NBC News Justice correspondent; Tony Mauro, Supreme Court correspondent for the National Law Journal; and Janet Murray, media professor at Georgia Tech and a member of the board of the Peabody Awards.

“The story of SCOTUSblog is a perfect illustration of why journalism matters more now than ever,” said Grady College Dean Charles Davis. “It is an inspirational example of an emerging media platform serving its readers with thoughtful, substantive content. It’s a triumph of the weighty over the spurious. Further, it is particularly significant that Grady, the School of Law and the Peabody’s joined forces on this event. I envision many such efforts as we move forward.”

During the discussions, Goldstein, SCOTUSblog publisher, said winning the Peabody Award helped the blog to acquire Senate press credentials, a necessary step in gaining press credentials to cover the court.

“The tipping point for us getting a Senate press credential was the Peabody,” Goldstein said of SCOTUSblog reporter Lyle Denniston receiving the pass. “In the wake of the Peabody…they took us more seriously, and they were willing to credential Lyle.”

The Supreme Court is still evaluating whether SCOTUSblog will receive a press credential.

“It was heartening to hear that SCOTUSblog’s receipt of a Peabody Award assisted in their credentialing with the U.S. Senate,” said Jeffrey Jones, director of the Peabody Awards. “SCOTUSblog plays an important civic role for those interested in government, and we are glad that the award has drawn attention to their good work.”

The three panels are available at:

Panel 1: “SCOTUSblog: The Peabody Winner,” moderated by Jeffrey Jones, director of the Peabody Awards

Panel 2: “Covering the Supreme Court in the Digital Age,” moderated by professor Bill Lee of Grady College

Panel 3: “Supreme Court Cases and Issues,” moderated by Sonja West, associate professor of law at the UGA School of Law

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