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Browse seed catalogs to broaden your summer garden selections

Spring is the time to start browsing seed catalogs to find plants for summer garden plots. Stephen Garton, a Cooperative Extension coordinator in Forsyth County, said that adventurous gardeners may want to try plants with improved characteristics like disease and drought tolerance, greater yield potential or other unique qualities.

Consider starting seeds indoors and growing transplants, he said. Check catalogs produced by seed companies and try some new vegetable varieties that are easy to grow and mature quickly.
Consider planting a few heirloom varieties, as some have outstanding flavor and nutritional quality when harvested just moments before serving. Many heirloom types also are tolerant to a environmental stresses, including drought, and offer a broad resistance to pests.

To extend a harvest, plant vegetable seeds, such as lettuce, carrots, beans, corn, cucumbers and squash, every three or four weeks. Successional planting often results in plants that are better able to stand the stress of cooler temperatures.