Campus News

September is National Preparedness Month

Are you prepared for a natural disaster or other emergencies? Getting prepared may sound time consuming, difficult or is not a top priority in your everyday life. However, it is actually very simple, especially when you incorporate things that you are already doing into your plan.

Step 1: Be Informed

  • Download the UGA Safe app. This app provides you with a quick guide on how to respond to emergencies and allows you to text the UGA Police and share your location in an emergency.
  • Review your information in the UGAAlert emergency notification system.
  • Bookmark the UGA Emergency website,
  • Sign up for emergency alerts from your local county/city. For Athens-Clarke County, you can sign up at under the alert center.
  • Have a weather app on your phone that will alert you to severe weather in your area, including tornado watches/warnings.

Step 2: Get a Kit

  • With your next online order or visit to a big box store, pick up an extra first aid kit. Then add a few items to personalize it, including spare chargers for your electronics, snacks, water and pet supplies if needed.
  • Check out our full list of items to include in an emergency kit for your home, office, car and pets.

Step 3: Make a Plan

  • While you are making plans with your friends and family for game days, talk about how you will reach each other in the event of an emergency. Will you text each other in a group, or reach out via social media? Do you have a designated location where you will meet?

Be sure to know several different ways to exit buildings that you frequent on campus. You never know when the exit that you typically use may be blocked. It only takes a few minutes to find other exits, and you will be glad you did if you ever need them during an emergency.