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Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith is in control of the wheel, driving on a very successful collegiate journey at UGA. Hailing from Arlington, Ga. this Honors student is intent on working hard in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences to prepare for her chosen profession of interior design. And what’s her favorite activity on campus? Her job driving a UGA bus for campus transit!


Arlington, Ga, right outside of Albany – and yes, that’s still in Georgia! Its about a 5 hour drive from Athens.

High School:

I attended Early County High School in Blakely, GA. My graduating class was 154, and I knew and loved each one of my classmates!

Degree objective:

B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences,majoring in furnishings and interiors/interior design

Expected graduation:

Spring 2011

University highlights, achievements, awards and scholarships:

I was recently inducted into the Blue Key Honors Society. I was a two-time Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship recipient, along with the Association of University Interior Designers Scholarship recipient. I am currently on the Dean’s List, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, a member of Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society and Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society. I was nominated for Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities, and I also hold a UGA Campus Transit Safety Award (500+ hours of safe driving.)

Current Employment:

I have three jobs!  I am a design intern with Make Mine Home, Inc, where I help make design decisions on space planning, kitchen and bath design, and color and fabric selections for homes and businesses around Athens. I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, Inc. This job allows me to build relationships with women and men around the community while I give them advice on beauty trends and styles. I also provide facials and consults to women of all ages and even the occasional Bride-to-Be! Also, I am a bus operator for UGA Campus Transit – yes, I realize how strange that may sound! I grew up on a farm driving Daddy’s tractors. so I thought one day, “Why not drive a bus!?” It’s been a great job.

Family Ties to UGA:

I do not have any ties, besides a distant cousin who went here a few years ago. My parents both graduated from Auburn University, and my sister went there, too. In fact, I counted 14 family members who went to Auburn University. Everyone in my hometown expected me to go to Auburn, but surprise!! I felt like I needed to wear red and black, and now I am the only one in the whole family who can happily and rightfully say, “Go Dawgs!”

I chose to attend UGA because…

…I was involved in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) all throughout high school, and I knew UGA had an outstanding FACS program. My expectations were exceeded when I got here and realized the opportunities not just in FACS but also everywhere on campus! I love it here, and I recommend it to any high school student with whom I come in contact.

My favorite things to do on campus are…

…my job as a bus driver. There are so many people on campus whoI have met by driving them to and from their classes. I also enjoy bringing my family and friends to our beautiful campus and taking them on tours. I like to fill them in on interesting facts that I have learned about the campus during the four years I have walked—and driven—around here.

When I have free time, I like…

…Actually, I don’t really feel like I have an abundance of free time. When I am not spending time with friends or a “significant other,” I like to rent movies that have some sort of historical credibility. I try to expand my knowledge about the world as often as I can, and watching movies seems to be the easiest way to do so. I also really enjoy eating out with friends, and Athens is a great place to try different cuisines. I am definitely a road-tripper too – I love to travel to new cities. I’m not scared to hop on a plane and go. I studied abroad in London, and I loved it! I have also visited Chicago, New York, Dallas, San Diego and many more places. My favorite thing to do when I have a trip coming up is go to the bookstore and buy a guidebook of the city and use it while I am there. It helps me appreciate the place more when I know its history and a few facts about the buildings and culture.

The craziest thing I’ve done is…

…Once I performed an undercover psychology case study on my friends. The topic I chose was “How fear affects the reactions of young people.” So I had a slumber party with eight girls in a cabin deep in the woods of south Georgia. I had a few rather large guys come out in the middle of the night to do a little practical joking. This went on for hours – lights flickering, strange noises, beating on windows – all of which resulted in a gaggle of frantic girls fleeing into the woods. Needless to say, it did not end too well, but I made an “A” on the paper – a controversial matter for the girls involved! I like practical joking, but after straining a few relationships with my girlfriends, I can’t say I will ever pull that joke again!

My favorite place to study is…

…depends on what I am studying! I do love to go for a walk over to a park outside my house. I love to spread a blanket out and surround myself in notes and books, although, it is sometimes hard to stay focused when the weather is nice and there are people to visit with!

My favorite professor is…

…It’s very hard to pick a favorite. I respect all the professors here at the University. The professors within Furnishings and Interiors are extremely knowledgeable about our field of Interior Design, and their relationship with my peers and me is invaluable. I am thankful for the time they have taken time out of their class and sometimes their personal lives to help me. We spend long hours working on projects, and they all have a different expertise – so there is no way I can pick a favorite!

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with…

…Jesus Christ. I sure do have a lot of questions I would like to ask him! I would love to go back to when he walked the earth and spend some time with him. I think that would give me a greater perspective on life as we know it in the 21st century, and a history lesson as well!

If I knew I could not fail, I would…

I would have surely already started my own design firm! I hope I can work up to that one day – but it’s a large undertaking, and I am learning the skills that will get me ready to take that step in the future.

After graduation, I plan to…

Ultimately I would love to begin an Interior Design business focused on client needs and desires regarding the relationship they have with their home. I believe the family is the basic unit of society, and a healthy home life begins with the built home environment. It will be my job to make sure a family or individual has the best possible surrounding for them to be successful in their daily endeavors. I realize that this is a hefty undertaking right after graduation, so I am willing to take an alternate path for a while to help me reach my goal in the end.

The one UGA experience I will always remember will be…

Wow. There are so many. I think that coming to UGA the summer of my freshman year was a strong foundation for my tenure here. It was there that I met my best friends who I talk to every day, learned my way around the campus, and began to shape my future and my life. I have recommended the Freshman College Summer Experience to many incoming students, and I am so proud that I was able to be a part of Three East in Russell Hall for those six weeks in 2007. I have had a plethora of memories and experiences since then, but most of them never would have happened had it not been for my first summer at UGA.