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Spanish law book breaks new ground

Una introducción a la ley in Georgia
Edited by Ann Blum, Anna D. Boling and others; translated by Pablo Gil Casado
Vinson Institute of Government

A new Spanish edition of a popular law textbook has been produced to help Georgia Latinos learn more about their legal rights and responsibilities. An Introduction to Law in Georgia “en español,” currently in its third English edition, is unique in its coverage of both Georgia and federal law.

“Since publication of the first edition of An Introduction to Law in Georgia in 1985, the State Bar of Georgia and the Vinson Institute have been working together to provide easily accessible information about state and national law to Georgia’s young people,” says James Ledbetter, Vinson Institute director.

An Introduction to Law in ­Georgia “en español” closely follows its English counterpart by focusing on Georgia and federal law most relevant to daily life. Readers learn about what law is and who makes it; their constitutional rights and responsibilities; how the law relates to them as consumers, borrowers, tenants, homeowners, family members, employees, and drivers; how the civil, criminal, and juvenile justice processes work; and values underlying the legal system. New to the Spanish edition is a chapter on immigration law. (Not included are the index, photos and cartoons in the English version.)