Campus News

Spring enrollment sets record

Total enrollment for spring semester at the university is up by 3 percent over last year, and enrollment at the Gwinnett University Center climbed 38 percent, as UGA has set a seventh consecutive spring enrollment record.

UGA Registrar Rebecca Macon reports a total of 32,329 students enrolled for the semester, 945 more than last spring. The total includes 825 students at the Gwinnett University Center, compared to 598 last spring, and 26 students at UGA’s Tifton center, which was not in operation last spring.

Spring enrollment has risen at UGA every year since 1997.

The 32,329 is a “head count”-the number of students who registered for one or more classes during the semester. Many of them, however, aren’t taking a full course load of 15 credit hours.

The full-time equivalent enrollment-what enrollment would be if the head-count number were taking full course loads-is 30,014, up from 28,131 last spring.

UGA and all institutions in the University System of Georgia receive state funding based on a formula calculated on FTE.