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State’s farmers markets offer fresh, local produce at a good price

Georgia farmers markets feature fresh produce, often at bargain prices. Prices vary from market to market, but smart shoppers can cut down on their grocery bills.

The keys are to do a little bit of planning before your family heads to the market, to buy vegetables that are at the peak of their season and to avoid buying more than your family needs for that week. Before you do your weekly grocery shopping, try to find out what’s going to be offered at your market, suggests Connie Crawley, a Cooperative Extension health and nutrition specialist.

Vendors and the market managers will know what will be coming to market as the season progresses. Some markets maintain an email list or Facebook page or will run ads in the local newspaper to advertise the featured produce each week, Crawley said.

“What I do is scan the entire market before I do any purchasing and really look at the produce for the best quality and the best prices if they are posted,” she added. “Then I ask myself, ‘What can I do with the produce in an economical way?’ and, ‘Can I use this produce in a timely fashion so I will not end up throwing it away because it has spoiled?’ ”