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UGA Sustainable Food Systems Initiative spring seminar series to open Jan. 25

The UGA Sustainable Food Systems Initiative’s spring seminar series will focus on the intersection of agriculture, ecology, nutrition and the public’s relationship to each. Open free to students and faculty in all disciplines, each seminar will be held from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

The series will open Jan. 25 in 103 Conner Hall. Elizabeth Kramer, a faculty member in the agricultural and applied economics department, will discuss “Transforming Food Systems: Feeding the World Without Eating the World.”

On Feb. 29, Julie Velasquaz Runk, a faculty member in the anthropology department, will discuss “Beyond Fetishizing Food: Landscape and Political Perspectives on Food in Panama.” The seminar will be held in 101 Lumpkin Hall.

The series will continue March 28 when Jeanine Davis, a faculty member in the horticulture department at North Carolina State University, will lead the seminar “The Status of Organic Agriculture in the Southeast” in 103 Conner Hall.

The final event in the seminar series will be the USDA National Needs Fellows Student Research Presentations by graduate students on April 18 in 103 Conner Hall. Nicole Fuller will discuss “Yield and Essential Oils of select ‘O. tenuiflorum’ Cultivars for Pharmaceutical Production.” Ty Brooks will talk about “Barriers, Acceptability and Appropriateness of Perennial Sorghum in the Context of Resource-Poor West African Farmers.” Andie Bisceglia will discuss the “Impact of Integrated Sustainability Programming at Clare Middle School,” and Sam Weber will give the presentation “Risks from Cyanobacterica Toxicity in Farm Ponds Due to Land Management and Climate Interactions.”

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