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University of Georgia technology commercialization program moves up in rankings

University of Georgia technology commercialization program moves up in rankings, is among best in nation

Athens, Ga. – The most recent national survey of how well universities and colleges move basic research into the marketplace ranks the University of Georgia among the best in the country.


According to the most recently published survey (February 2010) of the Association of University Technology Managers, UGA’s technology commercialization program is ranked third among all U.S. universities for licenses and options executed. The University of Washington and University of California System are ranked first and second, respectively.

For licensing revenues, UGA ranked ninth among public universities 

UGA Vice President for Research David Lee said the university’s success in executing licenses and options reflects the quality of UGA research programs and the efficiency of its technology commercialization office.

“Research at UGA forms the basis for new technologies and commercial products that address some of this country’s toughest problems, including health, a safe and plentiful food supply, and sustainable energy,” said Lee, who is also executive vice president of the UGA Research Foundation, Inc. “While licensing income returns revenue to the UGA research enterprise, more important are the number of technologies licensed to the private sector, where they promote economic development and create jobs. We score well on both these measures.”

UGARF performs the technology transfer function for the university through the university’s Technology Commercialization Office. UGARF takes assignment of inventions, obtains patents and plant variety protection certificates or other intellectual property protection, and licenses inventions to the private sector in return for royalty income to further support the research mission of the university.

“I am very grateful to our faculty and students, whose inventive contributions are making a difference in people’s lives in Georgia and around the world.UGARF’s high rankings reflect the cutting-edge research performed at UGA and a productive partnership between the Technology Commercialization Office and UGA researchers,” said Sohail Malik, director of UGARF’s Technology Commercialization Office.