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The University of Georgia approved tenure for 55 faculty members. Board of regents’ approval of tenure is no longer required.

Sonia Altizer, School of Ecology; Norris Armstrong, genetics; Amy Batal, poultry science; Richard Boon, communication sciences and special education; Valerie Boyd, journalism; Wayde Brown, College of Environment and Design; Dana Bultman, Romance languages; Adrian Burd, marine sciences; John Burke, plant biology; Jamie Carson, political science; Shu-Mei Chang, plant biology; Andrew Cole, English; Mark Czarnota, horticulture; Elizabeth Debray Pelot, lifelong education, administration and policy; Dennis Duncan, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Rebecca Enghauser, dance; Brian Fairchild, poultry science; Esendugue Greg Fonsah, agricultural and applied economics; Timothy Grey, crop and soil sciences; Erika Hermanowicz, classics; Nik Heynen, geography; David Hurley, population health; Paul Irvine, banking and finance; R. Curtis Lacy, agricultural and applied economics; James Lauderdale, cellular biology; Kyung Hwa Lee, elementary and social studies education; Xuechao Li, academic enhancement; Marguerite Madden, geography; Alfredo Martinez-Espinoza, plant pathology; Jennifer McDowell, psychology; Richard Menke, English; Robert Moser, Romance languages; Jeffrey Mullen, agricultural and applied economics; C. Joseph Nairn, forestry and natural resources; Douglas Peterson, forestry and natural resources; Vladimir Popik, chemistry; Patricia Richards, sociology; John Ricketts, agricultural leadership, education and communication; Reinaldo Roman, history; Adam Sabra, history; Jeremiah Saliki, infectious diseases; Walter Schmidt, biochemistry and molecular biology; Robin Shelton, physics and astronomy; Leslie Simons, child and family development; Jacek Siry, forestry and natural resources; Geoffrey Smith, chemistry; Nathan Smith, agricultural and applied economics;
Andrew Sornborger, mathematics; Susan Thomas, music; John Turner, economics; Isabelle Wallace, art; Aidan Wasley, English; Vicky Wilkins, public administration and policy; Xiaobai Yao, geography; and Guillermo Zavala, population health.