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Thirty-six UGA employees retired on April 1, 2020

(UGA file photo)

Thirty-six UGA employees retired April 1. Retirees, their job classification, department and years of service are: Carol L Alexander, special affairs specialist II, University Testing, 16 years, 1 month; Debra Kay Alvis, assistant professor (limited term), College of Education-counseling and human development services department, 20 years, 7 months; Traci Aycock, county secretary, Southwest District Cooperative Extension, 21 years, 5 months; Ronnie M. Barentine, program development coordinator, Southwest District Cooperative Extension, 30 years, 9 months; Donald D. Brooks, building services manager, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, 30 years, 8 months; David P. Brown, IT support coordinator, genetics department, 28 years, 10 months; Marcia Connolly, library associate II, UGA Libraries-general operations, 12 years; Clayton Cooper, digital print technician III, Bulldog Print & Design, 29 years, 8 months; Lucy Dalton, histology technician III, College of Veterinary Medicine, pathology department, 11 years, 7 months; Cynthia Davenport, administrative associate I, College of Pharmacy, Gwinnett campus, 10 years, 8 months; Douglas Dowdy, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, 19 years, 3 months; Chandra L. Evans, administrative specialist I, Athletics-Student Services, 30 years, 2 months; Connie Evans, food service worker II, Public Service and Outreach-Georgia Center-Food Services, 16 years, 9 months; Robin C. Fowler, business manager III, cellular biology, 10 years; Saundra Gabriel, child development aide I, Child and Family Development Center, 29 years, 6 months; Anthony Henson, sheetmetal worker, Sheetmetal Shop, 29 years, 7 months; William Ted Holladay, research professional II, plant pathology, 32 years, 7 months; S. Michael Jewell, project superintendent, Facilities Management Division-Project Management, 18 years, 9 months; Jeannie P. Johnson, administrative associate II, President’s Office, 32 years, 5 months; Sondra C. Lange, administrative associate II, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 12 years, 3 months; Jeffrey T. Lyle, floor covering installer, Facilities Management Division-Structural Support, 20 years, 5 months; Ernestine Malcolm, senior accountant, Franklin College-psychology department, 26 years, 10 months; Kimberly C. McCannon, business manager I, Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging, 31 years, 5 months; Jane W. Mertens, senior event coordinator, Public Service and outreach-conference and event planning, 24 years, 9 months; Alan B. Pannell, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, Facilities Management Division-Building HVAC Shop, 12 years, 5 months; Kenneth T. Powell, IT manager, Franklin College-computer science department, 24 years, 6 months; Rebecca Ann Ratcliff, county secretary, Northeast District Cooperative Extension, 31 years, 6 months; Barbara Sheats, building services worker II, Facilities Management Division-Building Services, 24 years, 1 month; Walter Cletus Stripling, IT manager, Grady College-information technology services, 21 years, 6 months; Debra M. Summerford, building services worker I, University Housing-Building Services, 12 years, 6 months; Michael Volk, parking enforcement manager, Auxiliary Services-parking compliance, 11 years, 5 months; Cynthia E. Walker, administrative manager, Plant Genome Mapping Lab, 7 years; Debbie M. Wells, administrative associate II, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, 29 years, 2 months; Gary L. Whiddon, HVAC/refrigeration mechanic, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences-Tifton campus, 12 years, 8 months; Ted M. Williams, powerline worker, Facilities Management Division-Electric Shop, 29 years, 7 months; and Hongyu Yang, application analyst principal, College of Veterinary Medicine-information technology, 22 years, 1 month.