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Time running out to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs offered in Gwinnett

Time is running out for prospective students to enroll in bachelor’s degree programs currently offered by UGA at the Gwinnett University Center. Applications are still being accepted for summer and fall semester 2005, but no additional students will be admitted to UGA’s undergraduate degree programs in Gwinnett after fall semester.

“Acting on a recommendation from the regents, the Georgia General ­Assembly passed a resolution during the session that just ended approving the creation of a new stand-alone, four-year state college to be located at the Gwinnett University Center,” says Bob Boehmer, UGA’s senior administrator in Gwinnett. “This means that UGA will discontinue its undergraduate ­programs offered at the center in spring 2008. To allow students to complete their degrees within that time frame, we determined that fall 2005 would be the last opportunity to enroll.”

UGA has been offering bachelor’s degree-completion programs at the center since 2002 and has offered graduate degree programs and non-credit continuing education programs in Gwinnett since the mid 1980s.

“UGA remains committed to providing educational opportunities in the Gwinnett area,” Boehmer says. “We anticipate significantly expanding our graduate degree programs in Gwinnett in the coming years.”