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Tips to reduce heart disease risk

In the U.S., heart disease is the number one cause of death and a major contributor to developing disabilities. Because February is American Heart Month, UGA is offering several ways to reduce the risk of developing heart disease throughout the month. A significant way to maintain a healthy heart is to limit the daily intake of cholesterol and fat. To lessen the fat in your diet—and keep your heart healthy—UGA offers these tips:

• Bake, broil, boil or grill food instead of frying.
• Trim fat from meat.
• Remove the skin from chicken, turkey and other poultry.
• Stretch servings of meat and poultry by mixing with vegetables, whole grains or fruits.
• Eat fish twice a week.
• Chill soups and stews and remove the fat that rises to the top.
• Use fat-free broth, herbs and spices as seasoning instead of fatty meat, fat back, bacon or butter.
• Choose low fat and non-fat dairy foods.
• Shred cheese so a little looks like more.
• Use reduced fat, soft or liquid margarine as a spread.
• Replace shortening, lard, butter and other solid fats with small amounts of liquid vegetable oils.
• Limit consumption of foods made with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil.
• Eat fruit for desserts and snacks.
• Replace a whole egg with two egg whites or use ¼-cup egg substitute.
• Choose “light” or “heart healthy” menu items when you eat out.