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UGA business startup wins University Shark Attack competition in Atlanta

MiraBlue Bio LLC, a startup business representing the University of Georgia, took the top prize at a University Shark Attack competition in Atlanta. The Ritz Group sponsored the Sept. 8 contest where five collegiate teams pitched private-equity startup ideas to a panel of investment community “sharks.”

“It’s nice to have a win,” said Davis Beauchamp, the co-founder and CFO of MiraBlue. “But it was also good to get out there and talk about our product and find out it’s something investors are interested in backing.”

Beauchamp, a UGA senior majoring in economics, delivered the pitch for the team and explained MiraBlue’s innovative, acid-proof biopolymer. The polymer can be used to make capsules that deliver nutraceuticals, probiotics and pharmaceuticals to treat conditions like Crohn’s disease. MiraBlue’s biopolymer is designed to be absorbed in the colon, without first dissolving in the stomach or gastrointestinal tract.

UGA earned its victory over teams from Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University.

“I am very proud of the MiraBlue Bio team and all that they have done in creating a world-class product and in representing UGA,” said Bob Pinckney, UGA’s director of entrepreneurial programs. “UGA is creating one of the top programs in entrepreneurship in the country. We expect to see teams from UGA receive even more recognition in the future.”

In addition to Beauchamp, the MiraBlue team includes Areeba Abid and UGA alumnae Kristin Henry and Song Kue, who is MiraBlue’s CEO and co-founder.