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UGA center releases new weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation journal

Athens, Ga. – A new magazine-style journal from the University of Georgia Center for International Trade and Security in the School of Public and International Affairs focuses on preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. The 1540 Compass is published in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs.

The journal primarily focuses on preventing illicit trafficking and controlling the trade in technologies and materials that could be used in weapons of mass destruction.

“U.N. Security Council Resolution 1540 requires establishing globally consistent trade controls, allowing us to better prevent the trafficking of dangerous weapons and their components worldwide,” said Christopher Tucker, a CITS research associate. “But to reach that goal, governments, industries, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders must maintain an unprecedented level of cooperation and communication.”

The Compass was designed to create an accessible and interactive space in which people from all levels of enforcement worldwide can share their ideas, experiences, comments and views on the resolution’s progress, he said. Articles in the magazine will guide nations toward security by showing how others have navigated the complex process.

The first issue includes articles from Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, North America and East Asia. It collects the viewpoints of government officials, U.N. ambassadors, researchers and CEOs and is designed to provide the most complete perspective possible on a multifaceted issue.

The 1540 Compass is available online in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. CITS researchers and the U.N. will circulate print copies worldwide. For more information and to read the magazine online, see