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UGA community has access to AI-powered chatbot

UGA students, faculty and staff now have access to the online version of Copilot, an AI-powered chatbot provided by Microsoft.

Copilot is a conversational chat interface with several capabilities, including search and information retrieval, text generation, image creation and code writing.

Unlike other generative AI tools found online, Copilot is housed within UGA’s instance of Microsoft, meaning UGA data is not shared with outside entities or used to train external AI models.

Some ways faculty and staff might use Copilot to improve their productivity:

  • Ask Copilot to develop low-stakes quiz questions for a course.
  • Use Copilot to provide background information in a new area of study and as a starting point for exploring new research topics.
  • Use Copilot to assist in drafting concise and effective emails and appropriate customer service responses. Provide the context, have Copilot create a draft, then edit the draft to suit specific needs.
  • Ask Copilot for how-to documentation on common business processes or technology questions, for example, “How do I create an UGAMart cart?” or “How do I switch my Duo authentication device?”
  • Use Copilot to proofread and edit documents.

To access Copilot, visit and log in with your UGA email address ( and password. Copilot will also soon be accessible via the UGA Mobile App.

For more information, visit the Knowledge Base or contact Justin Sackett at