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UGA concludes settlements for two more Lumpkin Street Greek houses

UGA concludes settlements for two more Lumpkin Street Greek houses

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia in the last week has completed transactions to acquire clear title to two more Greek houses along Lumpkin Street – the Kappa Alpha fraternity house at 294 South Lumpkin Street and the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority house at 1324 South Lumpkin Street.

“The position of the university has been that it owned the houses, but in paying each group the amount of $600,000, we settle all property rights they asserted to the houses they occupied and we gain complete control of the properties,” said UGA Vice President for Student Affairs Rodney Bennett.

Three other fraternities recently reached settlement agreements and plan to move to new houses to be constructed by the university along River Road. Those are Tau Epsilon Phi, Phi Delta Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha. Unlike those, Kappa Alpha fraternity has determined to build a new home on property it has purchased off-campus on Hancock Avenue. Delta Phi Epsilon sorority has decided to temporarily cease operations of its UGA chapter but may reopen at a future date.

All the sites are planned for future use by the university for academic or administrative purposes.

The Kappa Alpha settlement was concluded on July 31 and the Delta Phi Epsilon settlement was concluded on August 7, Bennett said.