UGA to conduct cultural resource inventories of Bleckley County, Johnson County

Athens, Ga. – From July 15 to July 26, a team of graduate students from the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design will conduct cultural resource inventories of unincorporated Bleckley County and unincorporated Johnson County.

The students are part of the Center for Community Design and Preservation’s FindIt! program, a statewide cultural resource survey program sponsored by the Georgia Transmission Corporation in partnership with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Historic Preservation Division.

During the two-week-long surveys, the students will identify and document all cultural resources in the county that are over 45 years old and retain historic significance and architectural integrity. Resources can include: residential or commercial structures, religious structures and sites, cemeteries and other features. The students will pay particular attention to documenting mid-century structures such as ranch houses.

A cultural resource survey is the first step in the preservation planning process. The FindIt! program has been completing surveys for 11 years, adding over 14,000 resources to Georgia’s Natural, Archaeological and Historic GIS inventory.

For more information on the FindIt! program, see http://www.ced.uga.edu/index.php/services_outreach/detail/findit_survey_program/. For more information on the College of Environment and Design, see http://www.ced.uga.edu.