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UGA Fall semester enrollment totals 33,831

UGA fall semester enrollment totals 33,831

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia enrolled a total of 33,831 students for fall semester, a slight decline from last year but still the third-highest enrollment in university history.

The total includes 32,757 students at UGA’s main Athens campus and 883 students at the university’s extended campuses in Gwinnett County, Griffin and Tifton and at the Terry College Executive Education Center in Buckhead. It also includes 191 students enrolled in independent study programs.

This fall’s total is 128 fewer students (0.4 percent) than last fall’s record of 33,959. It is 47 below the second-highest enrollment of 33,878, recorded in 2003.

There are 24,994 undergraduates, 6,214 graduate students and 1,549 students in the professional schools of law, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Undergraduate enrollment increased by 109 students over last year while graduate enrollment dropped by 109 students and professional school enrollment is down by 55 students.

Enrollment on the Athens campus is down by 55 students from last fall but still within the two percent variance of UGA’s on-campus enrollment target of 32,500 set by the University System Board of Regents.

A total of 778 students are attending classes at UGA’s extended campus in Gwinnett County and the Terry College Executive Education Center in Buckhead, including 67 enrolled in undergraduate classes and 711 in graduate courses. UGA began phasing out its undergraduate program when Georgia Gwinnett College was created last year and will end undergraduate courses when current undergraduates complete their study in spring of 2008.

The extended campus in Griffin has 57 students, up 21.3 percent from last year. The total includes 40 undergraduates and 17 graduate students.

UGA’s extended campus in Tifton has 48 students, three fewer than last fall. Of those, 43 are undergraduates and five are enrolled in graduate programs, which were started this year.

Of the total 33,831 enrollment 7,773 students had never attended UGA before, including 4,302 first-time freshmen who enrolled this fall. Combined with 302 first-time freshmen who enrolled this summer, the total count of first-time freshmen for the summer and fall is 4,604.

The number of first-time freshmen is down by 447 from last fall, but the numbers of new sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate students and professional students all increased this year.

Of the first-time freshmen who enrolled this fall, 252 had earned enough academic credit through joint-enrollment or advanced placement programs to be officially classified as sophomores, and 18 had enough credit to be officially classified as juniors.