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UGA first in state Peace Corps volunteers

UGA is ranked first in the Peace Corps’ 2008 list of top 25 colleges producing volunteers from Georgia.

Since the Peace Corps was officially established in 1961, more than 430 UGA alumni have joined its ranks. With 34 alumni currently serving as Peace Corps volunteers, UGA ranks third out of more than 100 colleges from six states in the Southeast, including Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

“In an age of globalization, Peace Corps prepares U.S. citizens to work internationally while giving volunteers close personal relationships and memories in their countries of service that will last a lifetime,” said Paul Duncan, assistant director of UGA’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute and former Peace Corps volunteer. “Regardless of the assignment, volunteers come back to the U.S. with skills that make them uniquely competitive for work in the global marketplace while having lived what is for many the adventure of a lifetime.”

At UGA, Peace Corps is located and supported by the Office of International Education. For more information contact Emily Levitan, UGA Peace Corps representative, at