Campus News

UGA installs chemical tracking system

UGA’s environmental safety division has developed, pilot-tested and now is implementing a Web-based system to track hazardous chemicals used in research and instructional programs.

The new system, developed in conjunction with Sivco Inc., will be operational campus-wide in 2005. Other research universities in the state are also planning to implement the system.

Called Chematix, the new system will enable authorized UGA personnel to compare prices and order chemicals, track shipping, monitor ­inventory, receive automatic notifications of hazardous chemical expiration dates and arrange for chemical disposal using a ­password-protected computer and commercial Web browsers. The data is encrypted before transmission across secure networks. New capabilities include the ability to share surplus chemicals among labs and provide information to first responders about what chemicals are stored in any building in the event of an emergency.

Chematix complies with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency documentation standards for chemical acquisition, fate and disposal and also adheres to federal cost-accounting standards for institutions that receive federal research funds.