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UGA license plates available, support university need-based scholarships

UGA faculty, staff, students, alumni and fans are invited to register for a UGA license plate when obtaining or renewing their car tags in the state of Georgia.

For each tag—new or old—on the road, $10 supports need-based scholarships at the university. Anyone requesting the new UGA tag, including current tag owners, will pay a one-time $25 manufacturing fee, an annual $35 special tag fee and any other standard tag fees or taxes that are applicable.

Both new and old license plates help hopeful UGA students make their dream of attending the university a reality. Tag revenue from the state has raised more than $347,760 for student scholarships at UGA since July 1, 2015.

It takes around seven to 10 business days for a specialty license plate to arrive after ordering, and a tag can be shipped directly to the driver’s home address.

UGA supporters who no longer live in Georgia need not worry. UGA fans in North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas can order specialty state license plates reflecting their love of the university. Georgia fans and alumni living in Tennessee, Florida and Alabama are rallying to get their states to offer UGA plates as well. Fans set up Facebook community groups, “Bring UGA License Plate to” Tennessee, Florida and Alabama, in an effort to get the ball rolling in their respective states.

Source: UGA Development and Alumni Relations