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UGA Police Department assists international student

Akash Singha Roy, left, was assisted by UGA Police officers SPO Connor Gentry and Corporal James Jackson in finding a place to stay when he arrived to Athens to find his lodging was unavailable. (Photo by Andrew Davis Tucker/UGA)

When international student Akash Singha Roy arrived in Athens for the first time, he found himself stranded, unable to check into his hotel. It was nearly midnight and raining.

Not knowing what to do, he called the UGA Police for help. Officers were dispatched to help Roy find lodging. SPO Connor Gentry and Corporal James Jackson visited the Georgia Center to ask about availability and rates. With the help of Georgia Center staff, Roy ended up staying at the Georgia Center as he prepared for move-in.

“This situation strikes me very personally,” said UGA Police Chief Dan Silk. In 1999, Silk traveled to Morocco to study Arabic as a graduate student at UGA. After a long trip, he discovered his lodging plans for the semester had fallen through at the last minute, miles away from home. “I know the anxiety that can create. It’s nerve wracking. While this isn’t a typical police issue, to know that our new student could reach out to the UGA PD and get such exceptional assistance makes me incredibly proud.”