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UGA president to chair working group on compliance, enforcement, governance

The Southeastern Conference has appointed nine individuals from campuses across the SEC to form a working group to review and discuss issues concerning compliance with NCAA regulations and effective operation within the NCAA governance process. UGA President Jere W. Morehead will serve as chair of the group.

Along with Morehead, the remaining members of the working group are R. Stuart Bell, president, University of Alabama; Mitch Barnhart, director of athletics, University of Kentucky; Ray Tanner, director of athletics, University of South Carolina; Michael Sagas, faculty athletics representative, University of Florida; Ron Rychlak, faculty athletics representative, University of Mississippi; Samantha Huge, senior woman administrator, Texas A&M University; Rich McGlynn, executive associate athletics director (compliance), Auburn University; and Jon Fagg, senior associate athletics director (compliance), University of Arkansas.

The working group will develop new strategies for renewing and strengthening the conference-wide commitment to NCAA compliance while continuing to fulfill the conference competitive objectives.