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UGA ranks in Top 25 for Peace Corps Volunteers

UGA ranks in Top 25 for Peace Corps Volunteers

The University of Georgia has been recognized as one of the Top 25 colleges and universities in the nation that produce Peace Corps volunteers.

Currently, 45 undergraduate and three graduate alumni from UGA are serving as Peace Corps volunteers, adding to the 455 former students who have joined the program’s ranks since it was established in 1961.

“I am proud and humbled that so many of our students have dedicated themselves to the kind of service work in which the Peace Corps engages around the globe,” said UGA President Michael F. Adams. “Volunteers come back with skills that make them uniquely qualified to work in a global marketplace and first-hand knowledge of how to put their skills to use helping others.”

There are currently 7,671 Peace Corps volunteers serving in 76 host countries. In 2009, the Peace Corps received more than 15,000 applications, the largest number of applications since the agency began electronically recording applications in 1998.

UGA ranked 23rd for colleges and universities with more than 15,000 undergraduates. For more information, see