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UGA responds to aftermath of   Hurricane Katrina

UGA President Michael F. Adams expressed concern for victims of Hurricane Katrina and announced several actions the university will take in response to the tragedy.

“All of us at UGA are very concerned about the people impacted by this storm in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama,” Adams says. “In particular, our hearts go out to our colleagues at institutions of higher education in the impacted areas. We will do everything we appropriately can in support of the efforts to provide assistance to those involved.”

The university already has received inquiries from students attending colleges in the storm zone seeking information about possible transfer to UGA. Adams says the university will examine those on a case-by-case basis, giving first priority to Georgia residents who previously applied and were admitted to UGA but chose to attend an institution now impacted by the storm.The admissions office has set up a hotline at (706) 583-0570 and e-mail address ( so that undergraduates in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi affected by the closing of their colleges can contact UGA immediately.

Vice President for Student Affairs Rodney Bennett says the university has been asked by the American Red Cross to make housing space available to families displaced by storm damage. ­Bennett says the university is prepared to make some units available for Red Cross ­assignment.

The university will join its fellow Southeastern Conference schools in a joint contribution to storm relief at affected institutions. Plans also are being developed for an appropriate special collection at a future home football game, with money to be directed through an existing, certified relief agency. Officials remind students and others in the university community to beware of individuals purporting to collect money for storm relief.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has recommended that the most efficient way to give to storm relief is through such existing agencies as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, established church charities and the like. Gifts should be given directly to the charity and specifically designated for hurricane relief.

Students whose families have been impacted by the storm, or other students who desire crisis counseling, may contact the university’s Counseling and Psychological Services at the University Health Center.