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UGA to premiere photographic collaboration of Jim Fiscus and Chris Bilheimer

Athens, Ga. – The University of Georgia Lamar Dodd School of Art will premiere an exhibition of photographic works by Jim Fiscus and Chris Bilheimer Friday, Jan. 14 to Friday, Feb. 11 in Gallery 101 of the art school. An opening reception on Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. is free and open to the public.

The collaborative exhibition, titled “A Year on The Hill,” includes 10 single images and three triptychs, measuring from 3×4 to 8×8 feet. All photographs were taken with a view camera in multiple frames, which made possible the production of large size images. Some of the films used are no longer manufactured. Apart from their scale, the individual prints are distinguished by various overlay treatments, including “encaustic” or fused colors. All the work on this project took place on The Hill, a neighborhood in Athens, between Nov. 2009 and fall 2010.

Fiscus is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer whose clients include Levis, Guinness, HBO, Nike, Coca-Cola and ESPN. Bilheimer is a Grammy-nominated graphic artist who has designed packaging for R.E.M, Green Day and Nirvana among many other major-label music acts. Their collaboration is the result of their personal friendship and proximity in Athens. “We have wanted to work together for many years, and it all finally came together with this project,” said Fiscus.

“This show highlights a significant development in contemporary photography, showing that artists are deliberately merging the distinctions between fine arts projects and commissioned projects,” said Asen Kirin, associate professor of art history in the art school who organized the exhibition. “In photography, the primary image, whether a negative or a digital file, can be reproduced endlessly. But this collaboration turns that around in that it emphasizes the unique finishes on the actual prints.”

Gallery 101 is located on the first floor of the art school, which is located at 270 River Road on the UGA campus. For more information, see