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UGA’s Hairy Dawg gets his hearing tested

On Jan. 20, the University of Georgia Speech and Hearing Clinic and Georgia Mobile Audiology hosted an event focused on children’s hearing testing, aimed at promoting early detection and intervention for hearing loss.

Hairy Dawg gets his hearing tested in a testing sound booth. (Submitted photo)

Hairy Dawg was in attendance giving lots of hugs and even having his hearing tested in one of the testing sound booths. He was a great example to the more than 40 children in attendance and helped relay the message that hearing testing as early detection of hearing loss in children is crucial for their development of language, literacy and future success.

The goal of the event was to raise awareness about the benefits of identifying hearing loss in children at an early stage and ensuring timely intervention. Hearing loss, if left undetected or untreated, can have significant impacts on language and literacy development. By detecting and addressing hearing loss early on, children can receive the necessary support and resources to reach their full potential.

“We believe in the power of early intervention and its positive impact on children’s lives. This free, community event was an excellent opportunity for families to proactively monitor their children’s hearing health and seek appropriate interventions if necessary. We are excited to partner with the University of Georgia to bring this vital event to our community,” said Monica Glapion, director of Georgia Mobile Audiology

More than 40 children and their families were in attendance, many from outside the immediate Athens area where hearing testing is not available. These mobile events are critical and ensure that children throughout the state have access to hearing health.

“Thanks to Georgia Mobile Audiology for bringing the free hearing clinic to Athens and helping children and families in our community. As the son of a mother who is deaf, this issue is personal to our family. I’m so grateful to Georgia Mobile Audiology for their work that continues to make an impact for families across the state,” said Representative Houston Gaines.

Every attendee received a language and literacy backpack complete with digital resources made available by the Cox Campus. These resources are also available for free at

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