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UGA’s Harris certified emergency manager

UGA’s Harris certified emergency manager

Athens, Ga. – Steven Harris, emergency operations manager in the UGA Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness, recently obtained Georgia Certified Emergency Manager status from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

Harris develops and tests all of UGA’s emergency plans for large-scale events. During emergencies, it is Harris’ job to activate and manage the University’s Emergency

Operations Center as well as coordinate the setup and activation of emergency shelters. He also monitors campus-wide compliance with the National incident Management System regulations and provides ongoing emergency preparedness training to faculty, staff and students. Harris joined UGA in 2006 after serving as the school safety unit manager with the Georgia Office of Homeland Security – Georgia Emergency Management Agency for six years.

“Due to its size and scope, the University of Georgia rivals many of Georgia’s cities and counties with its need for effective emergency planning and preparedness. During planning and real emergencies, Steve will interact with emergency responders and managers locally and from the entire state,” said Opal Haley, director of the UGA Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness. “The extensive instruction Steve received during this certification process will be invaluable during a crisis. Additionally, this accomplishment reflects Steve’s commitment to the emergency management profession.”

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