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UGA’s revamped shared sick leave program to begin in January 2017

During 2016, UGA will transition procedures for its shared leave program so that it aligns with the newly implemented University System of Georgia shared sick leave policy.

The first step in the process will occur during the annual open enrollment period. Individuals who wish to participate in the 2017 UGA shared sick leave program, including receiving shared leave in the future, must first donate a minimum of eight hours of sick leave during that period. In addition, employees must have a 40-hour sick leave balance after the donation is taken from their accrued sick leave on Jan. 1, 2017.

A total of 48 hours sick leave will be required to join the program (one eight-hour donation plus a 40-hour balance) during open enrollment, typically in November each year.

In addition to the open enrollment donation requirement, the primary changes for 2017 are:

• Faculty and staff will donate to a shared leave “pool” instead of the current requirement to name individual recipients of shared leave.

• To participate in the program, employees must complete their initial six-month probationary period in a benefit-eligible position by Jan. 1, 2017.

• Only sick leave can be donated.

More information will be communicated as part of the open enrollment process this fall.

Employees with questions about the new shared sick leave policy should contact UGA Human Resources at or 706-542-2222.