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Use NOAA radios for weather, alerts

The Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness has National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radios available to be assigned to buildings or departments upon request. The radios provide information about watches and warnings for natural incidents such as floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms and winter storms. They also send out messages about train derailments, Amber Alerts and terrorist attacks.

OSEP offers the following tips for using those radios:

  • Place the unit near an exterior window and extend the antenna to allow for a better signal.
  • Designate one person and a backup person to be in charge of the radio to make sure that notifications are made, batteries are checked and the unit is working properly. Make sure that the person assigned to monitor the radio is familiar with the notification procedures to alert others in the department or building of any emergency.
  • Check the battery in the radio once a year and replace it as necessary.
  • Make sure the volume of the radio remains at a level where audible alerts can be heard. 
  • Consider using a portable radio model that can be taken to shelter areas in the building. This will allow you to hear “all clear” messages.

For help programming weather radios or additional information, call OSEP at 706-542-5845.