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Valery Alexeev invited to speak at International Congress of Mathematicians

Valery Alexeev, Distinguished Research Professor in Mathematics, has been invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid in August 2006.

The International Congress of Mathematicians meets every four years and last met in Beijing in 2002. It is the largest international gathering of mathematicians. Up to four Fields Medals, the analogue in mathematics to a Nobel Prize, are presented at the opening ceremony of each International Congress.

An invitation to speak at an International Congress is considered to be one of the most prestigious speaking engagements in mathematics.

Alexeev is the fourth member of the UGA mathematics department to be invited to speak at an ICM. Jon Carlson spoke at the 1990 Congress in Kyoto, and Andrew Granville and Carl Pomerance spoke at the 1994 Congress in Zurich.