Campus News

‘Veterinary Spectrum’ makes debut on WUGA-TV

For those clamoring for a closer look inside the College of Veterinary Medicine, tune in to WUGA-TV for Veterinary Spectrum, which airs in January and February.

The six shows include a mix of interviews and individual story segments that explore the various programs, outreach and research work done by the faculty, students and staff in the college. Each show also includes a segment on wellness care for animals.

“These shows highlight the ­entire breadth of our profession: from regenerative therapies for horses to care of older animals to nutrition to emerging diseases in bats,” said K. Paige Carmichael, host of the show and associate dean of academic affairs in the college. “We hope Veterinary Spectrum will help people see all that we do and also encourage younger people to consider a career in veterinary medicine.”

Other show topics include the “Vets for Pets and People” outreach program, which offers foster care to animals that belong to victims of domestic violence; the veterinarian’s role in creating a safer food supply both in the U.S and abroad; the role of cortisol in critically ill foals and how that relates to human infants; polio vaccine research and why polio is still a threat in today’s global society; parasitic resistance to drugs in livestock and dogs; animal paleopathology and what can be learned when veterinary paleopathologists partner with archaeologists for research; a reptile hunt at the State Botanical Garden; how veterinary researchers are working with educators to change the way science is taught to kindergartners through 12th graders; and the assembly of a Sumatran tiger skeleton.