Vogt elected president of congressional centers

Vogt elected president of congressional centers

Athens, Ga. – Sheryl B. Vogt, director of the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies at the University of Georgia Libraries, has been elected to a two-year term (2009-2011) as president of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress.

Vogt currently holds appointments to the Advisory Committee on the Records of Congress and the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board. She has been active in the Society of American Archivists, where she chaired the Manuscripts Repositories Section and the Congressional Papers Roundtable, and was a member of the Congressional Documentation Project Task Force. In 2004, Vogt received the Scone Foundation’s Archivist of the Year Award. She has conducted archives workshops on writing for publication and is the author of various articles and national conference papers on congressional archives and holdings of the Russell Library. Director of the Russell Library since 1981, Vogt has master’s degrees in history and in education from the University of Georgia, and is a member of the Academy of Certified Archivists.

Founded in 2003 as an independent alliance of organizations and institutions, the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress supports a wide range of programs designed to inform and educate students, scholars, policy-makers, and members of the general public on the history of Congress, legislative process, and current issues facing Congress. The ACSC encourages the preservation of material that documents the work of Congress, including the papers of representatives and senators, and supports programs that make those materials available for educational and research use. Many of the association’s member institutions house archival collections of the papers of current and former members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and other related research collections. Among its holdings, the Russell Library has over 40 congressional collections.

The Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, established in 1974 upon donation of the late senator’s collection, serves as a center for research and study of the modern American political system. With particular emphasis on the role of Georgia and the U. S. Congress, collection development and programming focus on the dynamic relationship of politics, policy, and culture-generated wherever public interest intersects with government. The breadth and depth of Russell Library’s nearly 300 collections provide an interconnected framework of perspectives and experiences for understanding the increasingly diverse people, events, and ideas shaping Georgia’s political landscape.

For more information on the Russell Library, see http://www.libs.uga.edu/russell/.