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Volunteers needed for two studies

Volunteers are being sought for two studies currently under way at the Infant Feeding and Body Composition Research Laboratory of the Department of Foods and Nutrition in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. Both studies are focused on the effects of infant feeding on the body composition of infants and their mothers.

For the first study, pregnant women in their third trimester are sought. Participants will visit the research laboratory, room 261 in Dawson Hall, for prenatal and postnatal visits at two weeks, one month, two months and three months. In particular, pregnant women who intend to formula-feed their newborns are being sought. Volunteers who complete all of the visits will receive $150. Plus, both the mother and baby will have their body compositions measured with state-of-the-art equipment.

For a second, cross-sectional study, mothers with infants 3 months of age or younger are being sought. The study is seeking both mothers who are breast feeding and those who are formula feeding. In this study, mothers and their infants only visit the lab for measurements one time and will receive $50 as compensation.

Free parking is available as well as transportation and mileage reimbursement for participants who may travel long distances or use public transportation to participate.

For more information, contact Alex Anderson, assistant professor of foods and nutrition, by e-mail ( or phone [(706) 542-7614].